Extraordinary results.

People often ask how I am able to help clients achieve such extraordinary results.

For starters, I only work with a handful of business owners who are ready to make a significant investment of time and money in themselves and their business. This allows me to give them the laser focus and attention they deserve.

I bring decades of experience in a variety of businesses, giving me a unique context for what different businesses look like and need to operate, including yours.

I am the best business partner you’ll ever have without a financial stake in your business. Why? I am not afraid to tell you what to do. When the stakes are this high, you don’t have the time nor the energy to be thinking about what to do next. You need to spend your time and energy doing it.



For one client we modified his business model to better fit him and better serve his clients. He learned how to identify and connect with a higher end client and got better at client enrollment. His income doubled in 6 months while working only three weeks every month.

I was able to get a better mindset and perspective. My team grew and my income tripled working with Dana.

For another, I helped her put systems in place, change up her marketing strategy, hire an assistant, and stop piddling around with small projects. She was able to take on bigger, more lucrative projects, money stopped leaking and started flowing, and she went from bankruptcy to seven figures in less than two years.

For another client, we amped up her client acquisition process, got clear about the value she provides and to whom, and then had her talk about it using her client’s language. These changes made her immediately more appealing to potential clients, making it easier to attract and retain them. To triple her profitability we worked with MONEY. We tracked, increased income and lowered expenses then plugged the leaks.

Are you ready to achieve extraordinary results?

Let’s Do This

Need a little more convincing?
Hear what a few of my clients have to say:

Dana has been instrumental in taking my business to the next level. In Dana, I have a trusted, strong advocate who provides actionable advice. Working with her has expanded my vision and substantially increased my confidence in my ability to realize my ‘next level’ goals.

Through Dana’s encouragement and guidance my team and I built a six-week training and motivational program for my leaders and managers. And this program is focused on tangible results: my entire business has scaled up to the next level with an average 15% increase in monthly gross revenues. Additionally, my leaders and managers have a practical template for their own focused Sales Programs and Initiatives.

Before I started working with Dana, my business was in a serious slump. I was doing too many of the wrong things, not converting enough clients, and was feeling very frustrated.

Since working with Dana, I have focused my niche and really stepped into owning the direction my business is headed. Almost immediately after making these changes, I started picking up new clients. The right clients.

I highly recommend Dana to anyone who needs to get focused so they can start seeing results!”

I hired a high performance coach. It was not easy for me to make a significant investment in myself and my business at a time when I felt like a couple of bad months could derail me. Then again, I don’t think this was supposed to be an easy decision.

I value having someone to look at my actions and call me out when I try to take yet another detour. And I value someone that sees and holds a bigger vision for me, stretches me beyond my comfort zone, holds me accountable, and isn’t afraid to kick my ass when needed. As a result, I’ve stepped up my game big time. I’m all in.