Step into greatness, make more money and work fewer hours.

Amplify Life is for you if you can’t wait a moment longer to:

Leap toward a larger vision of yourself.

Double your results, while giving yourself twice as much time with the people you love, and deepening the impact of the work you do!

Maximize your time and talent.

Increase your profits (you’ll increase your bottom line so much even you’ll be astounded!),

Have walk-beside-you-partnership with someone who will be there with you through the highs and the lows.

Make a long-term investment in your business that is going to yield “I never knew that was possible!” results.



Amplify is a 12-month program to personal and business transformation. And while all my programs get results, you can expect to see the biggest, most radical results in Amplify.

Over the course of one year, I’ll be the best business partner you’ve ever had.


What can you expect out of our time together?

One of the first things you’ll notice is you’re working fewer hours and making more money. It’s not a promise, it’s just what’s going to happen.

You’ll get crystal clear about the value of your products and services.

You’ll get the right systems to identify and plug money and time leaks.

You’ll have an ally, confidant, and coach who holds you accountable to your own high standards.

You’ll have a mirror to help you see what’s in your blind spots.

You’ll step away from being a doer and step into making solid, strategic decisions at each step along the way.

You’ll learn to be free. We’re going to liberate you from what’s holding you back.

But most importantly, you can expect to increase the quality of your life. To step into joy, purpose, and greatness. To have integrity in your personal and professional relationships and your offer to the world. To be and stay in alignment with your best self. Always.

There won’t be a place inside you that isn’t touched by this process. The ripples from our work will create unimaginable benefits.

If there is one thing I want you to know, it’s this: I’m invested in your prosperity and growth. Everything I do will be to support your investment in YOU. I am not attached to any outcome other than your success.

You should also know I only work with a small number of Amplify clients at any given time so I can be 100% available to you.

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What I appreciate about Dana is she’s kind of a bad ass. She asks the hard questions, helps me see what I am too close to, and guides me toward what is most important.

I now have higher end clients that are a better fit, my income has more than doubled, and I only work 3 weeks a month.


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