Step into greatness, make more money and work fewer hours.

Making upwards of $250K a year was supposed to set you free

It didn’t. But I will.

Profits are are not scant. But time is. FUN is. And while making more money is always a goal, having more LIFE is, too.

Why work crazy hours every night, only to get up and do it again at 6am with no time for travel and no time for seeing the people who matter most to you?

That’s why I created Amplify Life.

Make the money you want without losing the time you need to do the things you love. See Morocco. See the Amalfi Coast.

See your FAMILY.

AND make more money because you have systems in place that grow your business for you and with you. You’re doing most of it right. You just need to learn the nuances that allow you to earn and live…simultaneously.

I hired a high-performance coach. It was not easy for me to make a significant investment in myself and my business at a time when I felt like a couple of bad months could derail me. Then again, I don’t think this was supposed to be an easy decision.

I value having someone to look at my actions and call me out when I try to take yet another detour. And I value someone that sees and holds a bigger vision for me, stretches me beyond my comfort zone, holds me accountable, and isn’t afraid to kick my ass when needed. As a result, I’ve stepped up my game big time. I’m all in.

—Michael Knouse, The Start-up Sessions

Tell me how to Amplify


Be the leader

Not the manager

It’s time to own your place in your business. Work the work you love. But let your team handle the rest. What? You don’t have a team? Yes, you do. You just choose to do their work, too.

You have to stop that.

You have to step into being the leader and the visionary you are meant to be. All it takes is the right strategy (ahem, AND its execution) to help you get there.

Amplify Life puts you there.


“When I started working with Dana I was literally at a breaking point. Working to please everyone while forgoing the relationships that mattered most…my clients, my husband, my children, and myself.

I now own a business that brings my clients the ability to stand in their own spotlight. It has given me the financial and time freedom to ensure that my priorities are in order—that I place the most important relationships first. Dana has given me clarity, confidence and connections that have forever changed my business and my life.”

—Molly Mahoney, The Prepared Performer


Let's talk about how

Everything you dreamt your business could be?

Will now be.

Welcome to Amplify Life. This is my beloved signature program designed to hand business owners the time they need to LOVE the life and business they’ve built while making the money they know they can make. And I’ve helped hundreds of business owners just like you achieve what they couldn’t do alone.

How does Amplify Life work?
Amplify Life is a year-long program that delivers 3 phone sessions a month for 12 months.

Where I help you:

  • Create systems that make your business run smoothly (read: with less to-do’s on your hands!)
  • Hire the teams that you need to build a business that makes more money than you make now while giving you back more hours than you ever had
  • Acquire customers to fuel the whole wonderful machine you’ve built

And I lead the strategy from where you are

We partner together to go over your goals and your big vision, to uncover what you have tried, to lay a strategic and targeted plan for every step you need to take to give you back the life you need to go with the profit you want.

This is not coaching. This is a one-year business partnership where we make the plan and I put my loving thumb on you to make sure you carry it out.

Because without execution? We cannot have results.

Amplify Life, make more money than you knew you could make running your own business…and do it with ease.

Take back your life and live it. While adding more profits to your bottom line.


Hiring Dana as my coach has been one of the best investments of my money and time. When we started, I felt isolated in my business and was not making a living for myself.

Dana helped me embrace the mantle of being the CEO of my business. I now have a six-figure home office business and employ people. My business has grown much quicker, both in scope and income, than I ever could have hoped for. I imagined this level of success was years away, not mere months away.

—Wendy Votroubek, Legal Nurse


I Need This

Choose to Amplify Life

Choose to LIVE and Profit

When you choose to Amplify Life, you’re not just saying yes to becoming the visionary you feel that you ultimately are.

It means releasing:

  • Stress and overwhelm that stops you from enjoying the wonderful profit you’re already making.
  • The micromanaging that stops you from living your role as a leader.
  • Playing smaller than your business wants to be, so you make back even bigger profits and living a fun and free life.

Running your own company doesn’t mean that your life has to be anything less than what you deserve. You are now able to LIVE FREE and HAVE FUN when you choose to Amplify Life.

Be the Visionary.

Amplify My Life

Your family is waiting

This is the dream they have had for YOU

They’ve watched you work yourself to the bone and as much as they love the fruits of your labor, they love you more.

With Amplify Life, THEIR dreams can come true, too:

More time together to see the world
More memories made before they grow up
More laughs shared over moments that, until now, you would have missed.

Amplify Life is not just about growing your big vision.

It’s about creating more than a business. It’s about creating a high-quality life that you, your family, and your friends will cherish.

See Hong Kong. Without stressing over the price tag.
See Canada. Without worrying about what’s going on at the office.
See Belize. Without feeling guilty about not working 48 hours a day.

Go to the movies and LAUGH.
Go to the lake and LOVE.
Go to shopping and RELAX.

Your business will be there…making more money for you than you thought it ever could because you have the strategy and the teams in place to make it happen.

Because you said YES to Amplify Life.

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