Be in the driver’s seat of your business.

Catapult Immersion is for you if:

You want to simplify your business and reinvigorate your life.

You’re ready for more success than you could ever imagine.

You’ve glimpsed what is possible, but have no idea how to get there.

You’re a seasoned entrepreneur who is ready to step outside of your comfort zone into something larger and you’re feeling uncertain about what to do next. (Maybe you’re even feeling doubt in your own abilities to take things to the next level.)

You need a combination of savvy business expertise with insight into those inner minefields that create self-sabotage.

You need someone like me who has been where you are right now and who has made it through to the other side. Someone who knows precisely how to get to where you need to go next.

If you are ready to align your current business model to better fit you and better serve your clients, you’re ready for CATAPULT!



Catapult is my two-day immersion program. It includes 8 coaching calls and culminates in a two-day intensive with me in Portland, Oregon.

Although my coaching is tailored to your unique needs, there is a unifying approach, which starts with helping you craft your vision and strategy and ends with you taking action.

That last part is the most important piece of this work. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to get results fast.


What can you expect out of our time together?

I say with confidence that you will get results. You’re going to see those results take shape in all areas of your work–and your life—and you’re going to see them show up fast.

You’ll get the right systems in place to find, attract and keep the right clients.

You’ll start to act like the CEO of your business instead of a lone wolf.

You’ll make better decisions by thinking strategically.

You’ll start attracting more of the right client.

You’ll start to say “yes” to things that are currently and firmly in your “oh, hell no” zone.

You’ll gain confidence as you move past fears and doubts and into greatness.

And, if you are like most of my clients, your revenue and profit will quickly increase 2X to 3X.

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When I hired Dana, I was working hard but not making enough money and not making it consistently. The stress was impacting all areas of my life.

From the moment we started working together, my life and my business have drastically changed for the better. I almost immediately started showing up as a bigger version of who I thought I could be. I’ve made things happen that I didn’t think were possible. And during my two-day intensive, we changed my business model to one that is manageable and scalable.

I’ve been paying myself consistently for over six months. Not only that, I’ve consistently exceeded my income goals, too! Best of all, I’ve established a client base in Kansas City, so I can see my aging parents more regularly. Hiring Dana is one of the best decisions I’ve made. If you are ready to kick ass in your business and in your life, run, don’t walk, to see if Dana is the right fit for you.


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