Get ready for action and results.

Unstoppable Momentum

Growth becomes inevitable when you decide to stop spinning your wheels alone.

Your family has been waiting tirelessly for you to come and play. But you still have “one more thing to do”. Even getting up at 3am doesn’t help you manage all that needs to be done when you’re trying to grow a business that impacts more than your bank account.

Partner with a leader in business strategy. Bring in more customers while nurturing existing ones. Keep your business healthy and growing strong. Consistently.

I’m Dana Corey. A 30-year coaching veteran with a track record of clients whose revenues soar into the double digit millions. And this is where you begin to reach those numbers.

Small business doesn’t have to stay small business when you have a strategy in place that encourages and steels your growth.

Galvanize my Business

What you’ve done has worked

But it’s time for a new phase of unprecedented growth in your business

It’s time to have customers flocking to you, clients telling their friends and family about you, and time for you to finally reach a peak in your business.

It’s time for Galvanized Circles.

Everything you need to bring in new customers and keep old ones is wrapped up in this program with me by your side.

Many of my clients have revenue upwards of $10M – $50M dollars, so you know you can rest easy knowing the strategy and accountability you get in our Galvanized Circles is what your business has been waiting for.

So, if you’re not making the famed “multiple 6-figures” you know you should be making in your business (as much as I hate that term), you owe it to your profit margin to get in on this program.

I want MORE

Semi-private small business coaching

Big brand strategy applications

Whatever your goals are, we are going to reach them.

When you sign up for Galvanized Circles, you get:

  • 4 months of meeting twice a month to get you on the path to the goals you seek and keep you on that path
  • Semi-private coaching with up to 4 people in a circle so you not only get your own feedback during our sessions, you get the strategy of the other members of the circle, amplifying the number of coaching hours you receive during this program by three
  • Results because you are partnered with a powerful strategist who knows nothing but results with her clients

Galvanize me. NOW.


Who is this awesome program for?
Well, that’s a great question! It’s for more than beginners, but not yet past the stage of having so many directions that they’ve been told to pursue. They’re paralyzed and need help Strategizing, prioritizing and implementing.

It’s also great for business owners who are working on a specific project or trying to make a huge decision and need an objective opinion and strategic plan to choose a direction to help them reach their goals.

And finally, it’s magnificent for business owners who want some ongoing strategy and accountability to move forward.

What kind of businesses have you worked with before?
Chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopathic medicine practices, law offices, coaches, coffee shops, boutiques, construction companies, videographers, branding agencies, network marketers, accounting & bookkeeping practices, non-profit executives, mortgage brokers, real estate companies, restaurants, just to name a few.

You say you’re not a coach?
I’m not a “coach”. I’m a business partner and strategist. It’s my job to help you craft a business that aligns your values with your vision while increasing profits and FUN factors. I’ve done this work for over 30 years.

How do I know I’ll get results?
If you stick to our plan and diligently show up to do the work? You will get results. Every business gets different results, but you’ll get the highest results possible for your particular sessions if you stick to the plan we create for you.

Let's Connect

Dana has helped me focus in on the activities that will grow my business, without exhausting myself. I felt I was spinning my wheels so much of the time, now I have good systems in place. The semi-private coaching model has been a great way to learn as well as give and receive support.