Explorer. Seeker. Adventurer.


It’s such a habit to ask this question.
We all do it. I do it.

I think it’s much more interesting, though, to ask, “Who are you?” and “What do you believe?”

Because woven in the tapestry of our lives are the gifts we bring to transform the people and places we touch.

A little about who I am…

I’ve lived and traveled all over the world.

My birthplace is in France. My first language was Japanese. My first school was in Geneva. Although my parents hail from Brooklyn I didn’t call the U.S. “home” until I was 11.

Moving so much as a kid was rough. What felt like a hardship growing up though, is an incredible blessing as an adult in business.

I learned to connect with people and make friends at the drop of a hat which helps me tap into and really listen to my intuition. It makes it easy to meet people where they are.

Saying hello and goodbye time after time instilled in me how precious intimate relationships are.

Growing up in so many different cultures taught me that fundamentally we all want the same things: happiness, security, safety and freedom. How we manifest these is different.

I wear many hats: wife, mother, traveler, wine connoisseur, business owner, entrepreneur, strategist, mentor, teacher, speaker, and more.


A little about my experience

I’ve been a coach for over 30 years and a business owner for 20. Over the years I’ve worked with every type of business, from the Fortune 500 company to the small business owner.

I walk my talk. I hit six figures my first year in business and I’ve added six figures each year since.

I’ve gone from taking one week to eight weeks of international travel per year without sacrificing the quality of service I deliver to my clients.

I’m making more money while having more time to do what I love. This is what I want for you.


A little about what I believe…

I believe being a successful business owner is 90% being and only 10% doing.

I believe a life well lived is a life that constantly expands our understanding of who we are and what we are capable of.

I believe the highest probability of the deepest transformation takes places in an intimate conversation over time.

I believe failure is inevitable—it is part of the process. Personal growth is never easy. It can be fun and exciting and exhilarating and crazy good, but it’s not an uphill shot from beginning to end. If you look at failure as the opposite of success, you’ve missed the point. Failure is part of success.

I believe, at heart, growing a business is all about personal growth. It’s about challenging our assumptions and pushing our boundaries, and seeing what power we have in the world.


Am I the partner for you? Let me say this. I am not for everyone.

I have a BIG personality.

I’m irreverent and a bit woo woo, known as airy fairy where I come from.

I like to have fun. If something is going to be a slog, forget about it. I won’t do it.

I say what I think needs to be said regardless if I think you are going to dislike me for it.

I’m known to bend the rules. Which rules? Any rules.

All of this being said, I’ve been told it’s rare to find someone this good at business who isn’t also a dick.

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Hiring Dana as my coach has been one of the best investments of my money and time. When we started, I felt isolated in my business and was not making a living for myself.

Dana helped me embrace the mantle of being the CEO of my business. I now have a six-figure home office business and employ people. My business has grown much quicker, both in scope and income, than I ever could have hoped for. I imagined this level of success was years away, not mere months away.

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