My Name Is Dana, And I’m An Addict

That’s right.

You heard me.

I’m an addict.

I’ve tried to kick the habit…

But whenever I go too long my skin starts to crawl.

My mouth gets dry.

My heart starts racing.

I need a fix…

I need to make another sale!

I love selling – which is one of the things that makes me a great entrepreneur.

But, like so many things, it can be a curse as well.

My whole mood is dictated by whether or not I have heard a “yes.”

I am actually ok with hearing “no” again and again.

But if I go for a whole month without hearing a “yes” I start questioning myself.

I begin to worry I have lost my touch.

Will I ever have a client again?

Am I obsolete?

Am I a fraud?

These nagging fears have gotten me thinking – I can’t possibly be the only one who finds themselves with a mood that is so directly affected by sales.

And, it can’t be good for our stress in the long run.

So I have made a decision:

I am not going to let this addiction run my life – or my business.

I love the work I do, and I know my clients love working with me.

I am personally taking a stand to remember that I am not my sales.

I invite you to join me and get out of the cycle.

There is more to being a business owner than selling (even though we all know we have to do sales).

Whether you love them or hate them, it is important to remember that you are not your sales.

Let’s focus on the things we love about the work we do, and not dwell on whether we heard the word “yes.” You deserve to be happy and at peace in your business.

And, thankfully, I am not going to make you do 12 steps to get there!

Won’t you join me on this journey?

Until then… stay passionate!

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