Nourish Dinners™

Delicious Conversations. Deep Connections.

Bonds not easily broken

When you sit across from someone at an elegantly set table with whole-heartedly prepared food, things stir and move.

Emotions become the drink of the hour.

Time stands still for all.

And life? It becomes pregnant with intoxicating possibilities.

That’s what Nourish Dinners™ do for the guests.

There’s an underlying thread that happens at these events…connections that reach beyond the front door, that languidly follow the guests back to their homes…and businesses.

Friendships that are made over the breaking of bread are friendships that don’t easily dissolve. And these aren’t the shallow hi-passing-in-the-hallway kinds of friendships.

These friendships remain long after dessert. Guests end up connected in ways that go beyond our table because they become invested in seeing each other succeed.

That’s why I started these events: To create meaningful relationships between people who resonate so deeply they begin to form their own tribe, establishing bonds that aren’t easily broken, organically forging business links.  

Nourish Dinners™ are meals, heart-crafted from scratch with utter love and intention. And over these luscious courses, a curated conversation begins to braid ties that bind.

Topics might be about anything, you never know what will be served up there, but you can bet that business won’t be first.

Nourish Dinners™ aren’t about “business”, they’re about the business of relationships.

Connecting people has been my passion from the beginning. I’ve always felt the need to connect and belong as a response to constantly moving and traveling from an early age.

When you’re on the road most of your life, you live into an expansive worldview that changes the foreign into the known, the stranger into the friend, the THEM into US. The stories of the people you meet become your own, making what was a huge unfriendly world into your small hometown.

That’s what I want to give women leaders who are driven to make change.

Nourish Dinners™ bring the art of conversation and connection back. We’ve become so conditioned to doing everything online that we forget that being together in person is what relationships are made of.

You want to do something different? Something that’s real?

You want to become immersed in human connection again…just for a night…or maybe a lifetime?

Because Nourish Dinners™ relationships go beyond a single evening.

They develop into the best friends you’ve always longed for. Friendships with people who “get” you, who want to celebrate with you, who know that your struggles don’t make you less fabulous, and who are committed to standing by your side as you head into battle.

(And who will toast you with a phenomenal Red, as you lounge in pjs and giggle until you cry at sleepovers, because our Nourish Retreats are as insanely fun as our Nourish Dinners™ are!)

Maybe you’re inspired to be our guest at an upcoming Nourish Dinner™ because you crave human connections that encompass every part of you – your dreams, your success, your struggle, your silly, your SELF.

The thing is? It really is by invitation only. This is not a marketing ploy. I specifically curate guests that I know will not only love each other, but will stand for each other, because that’s what powers this magic.

If you’re interested in knowing more, contact me today.

Nourish Dinners™ are not just for dinner conversation. They’re for lifetime connections.

Want to create Nourish Dinners in your area for your tribes of your multi-day events? I lead those, too! Feel free to reach out and let’s discuss how Nourish Dinners and I can help you change lives and businesses.

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