Online Leads a Blessing or a Curse?

Online lead generation may seem like the new frontier.

I mean, a guaranteed list of potential clients coming every day sounds great, right?

You can do absolutely nothing and the names still show up.

Once you have that list of leads, the world is your oyster.

All your dreams will come true and you can ride a unicorn to get the great tasting ice cream that helps you lose weight.

(Oops…is my sarcasm showing?)

I was going to wait a little longer to burst this bubble…but here we go.

Online leads are a waste of money.

I don’t really believe in online business.

I know that makes me a weirdo in today’s society.

People often ask me how to get around small business hurdles online.

Leads are expensive…

There are phony reviews…

The world is full of well-intentioned dead social media choices…

Yes, these are downfalls, but they are symptoms of a bigger problem.

Unless you are tech savvy and on the forefront, it is impossible to keep up with technology because it changes so fast.

If you are a business that depends on online leads, you are dependent upon the changing climate online.

You are no longer in charge of your own fate.

And that isn’t why you got into business in the first place.

My advice?

Get back to the basics.

I believe as a business owner, you need a solid strategy for real life lead creation and marketing.

That’s right.

Face to face.

In person interaction.

With actual people.

If meeting people and extending your network consistently isn’t a priority for you…

It is time to revisit your business priorities.

If you don’t, at some point you are going to be confronted with an inability to grow because you are dependent on technology you don’t know much about.

So, if you want more leads without paying a fortune…

Get off your butt. Go out into the world. Meet people. Build relationships. And have authentic conversations face to face.

Until then…stay passionate!




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