Tight pants, perspective, and building your business

Recently, Alan and I had a hilarious debate about the difference between tights and leggings.

I say tights have feet, and leggings don’t. Alan says they’re the same thing – feet or no.

So, I took to Facebook to settle our debate, as one does.

Some folks agree – tights have feet (though a concession could be made for ballerinas). Others pointed out differences in thickness, opacity, and wearability. Over a hundred comments and many punny jokes later, the matter was hardly settled.

Alan and I are still poking fun at each other – you can join here (on Team Dana, of course!).

No minds were changed, but a ton of laughs were had. 

Now, in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter who is “right” here. But it is an excellent example of how our brains look to reinforce our beliefs, even when we’re confronted with evidence that supports an alternate view.

Now, tights versus leggings isn’t exactly world-shaking stuff, but your perspective shapes a lot more than your fashion choices and vocabulary. As a business owner, your thoughts and beliefs shape the decisions you make, the opportunities you seize, and the obstacles that seem insurmountable.

When you started out as an entrepreneur, you were voracious, driven to learn as much as you could, hustling to build something sustainable.

You’ve spent years building your business, nurturing a spark of inspiration into a viable offering, implementing systems, refining operating procedures, and basically throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

You developed your knowledge and understanding of business, of your clientele, and the value of what you have to offer.

Somewhere along the way, your brain converted all the ideas, methods, and so-called “rules” of business into beliefs about how things work. You cultivated a body of knowledge that helped you get your business off the ground, you survived the start-up stage, cracked that low six-figure ceiling, and now you’re stuck.

What was creating momentum just isn’t working anymore.

Because the perspective you need to get started is all about survival, and if you’re going to take your business to the next level, you need to expand your horizons. Successfully making the leap from burnt-out business owner to killing it as the CEO requires you to shift those beliefs, get back to asking questions, and explore what else is possible.

This is the work I do with my Catapult coaching clients. When we work together, your business becomes a playground of exploration where we indulge curiosity, experiment with solutions, and discover new opportunities. Your operations become a hub of innovation as we challenge how things “should” be and implement systems that actually support you, your goals, and organic, sustainable growth.

I meet you where you are and support you as a strategic coach and mentor, shining a light on the possibilities that lie beyond the beliefs you’re stuck in, to help you carve your own path to success.

The results speak for themselves, and my clients are more than happy to tell you all about it.

“When I hired Dana, I was working hard but not making enough money and not making it consistently. The stress was impacting all areas of my life.

From the moment we started working together, my life and my business have drastically changed for the better. I almost immediately started showing up as a bigger version of who I thought I could be. I’ve made things happen that I didn’t think were possible. And during my two-day intensive, we changed my business model to one that is manageable and scalable.

I’ve been paying myself consistently for over 12 months. Not only that, I’ve consistently exceeded my income goals, too!”

If you’re ready to expand your perspective and take your business from surviving to thriving, send me a DM. If we make a good team, we can get started as early as next week!

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