Disrupt your operating system to experience exponential change and growth in your business October 14 - 21, 2017

Unbind your profits and goals.

Be the BOSS of the business you intended to start, instead of a cog in the machine that consumes every part of you and your time.

Step full heart into the Expansion Experience and step right into the realm of delight.


Delight that harmoniously melds:

  • the impact your business makes on the world
  • the money that goes into your pocket
  • the freedom that you created your business for

Your business called to you all those nights ago. The dream was so big and so real, you KNEW you had to see it happen.

The idea that you could change the world tugged hard at your very core.

And it didn’t hurt that the money would be great, either. But all of that was supposed to facilitate something bigger…something that was bigger than you and the world…more time on the beach with the family, more movies with the kids, and more time to BREATHE and BE.

Instead, the tangled up day-to-day has resulted in a machine, not quite like what you hoped it would be.

And even though your business is prospering, you are merely surviving. Trying to do it all on your own or with a team two sizes too small.

I’ve watched entrepreneurs like you struggle and fight against themselves, knowing they are on the right path and that the changes they can bring to this world are great.

But the fact is, sometimes you need an all-in cohort to walk beside you and help you move to the next level of the paths you are forging.

Up to the level where:

  • going to work isn’t just something you love, but sets you on fire every single day because the minutiae is managed and you get to do the FUN stuff
  • profits are the highest they’ve ever been because systems have been streamlined and optimized, employees are well-trained and well-suited for your particular business, and your mindset has shifted so that you are able to focus on who YOU need to be
  • you create time to be with those you adore because you can, without guilt or pressure to constantly show up to do the things that others are supposed to be doing for you

As your high-performance strategist, it’s my job to help you work through the struggles you’ve been facing. I help you build systems that fit YOUR needs so you aren’t doing it all yourself, with the burden of making every decision on your own, so you can let go of the overwhelm and overload that keeps you up at night.

You created your vision. Now, allow yourself to create the freedom you wanted when you started.

When we work together, we solve the issues of:

  • Isolation that every entrepreneur struggles with.
  • The unconscious mind; the operating system that determines your decision-making, your responses, and your blind spots.
  • The facets of your business that need improving: marketing, sales, hiring, team training, time management, revenue tracking, profit growth, operations, systems, and efficiency as well as relationships (both business-wise and personal, as they all affect success).

I’m not just a coach.

Because typical coaches today are telling you to model your business on theirs, guarding gates to your limited access to them, busy cranking out programs for you to work on your own. They’re more concerned about mass sales, not the quality of advice.

I work deep and wide. With you. Beside you. No content. Just you and I working on the problems you and your business face together. And we work for solutions that will bring about the next phase of your success.

You need a consultant and coach who has been where you want to go – to walk beside you alternately leading, teaching, training, supporting, pushing, cheerleading, strategizing, hand-holding, challenging all while consistently holding your biggest vision of your business and yourself.

I am that hand-in-hand consultant.

I have walked beside leaders like you for the better part of the last 30 years, guiding them out of stuck and overwhelmed, straight into the businesses and lives they were destined for.

My work has been as successful as it has because I’ve been where most people have not. And I have done what most won’t. And these things give me an entirely different perspective on who I am, who you are, and what our businesses have the potential to become.

You see, I was born in France. My first language was Japanese. And my first school was in Geneva. And though my parents hail from Brooklyn, I didn’t call the US “home” until I was 11.

That cultural diversity has been the root of my eagle’s eye, my lion’s heart, and my Midas touch in business. Because it has afforded me the ability to look beyond and deeper, from new angles, and through different approaches than other “coaches” use.

Remember, I’m not just a coach or consultant.

I’m the badass who walks beside you as you make your way through the clouds between you and your vision, guiding you so you don’t stray, so you don’t abandon the calling of your heart to the demands of everyday life.

Because they will try.

And I won’t let it happen. Because success is the sum of mindset, plus action. And I’m here to make sure both of those are at the root of your decisions.

I’ve been told that’s it’s hard to be as successful as I’ve been and not be a dick. But, I don’t candy coat anything. I tell you like it is. I call you out when you want to back down. I will push you when you offer another excuse. I will ask you the questions you don’t want to answer. And you’ll answer, anyway.

Because deep down your drive to win and to live a FUCK, YES! life is stronger than any excuse I will let you entertain.

Then… you’ll do the work. And beside you, I’ll be.


What the Expansion Experience Is

The Expansion Experience is a mind-shifting, soul-deepening, profit-expanding event that takes you through the mystery of Morocco and back to who you are and the goals behind your business.

Travel has been my perspective-shifter ever since I can remember. I am nothing short of a rolling stone. My life is on the road and every time I visit a new place and see new things, my mind expands and creates new opportunities for success that were invisible to me before.

I want that for you.

I want you to experience a change in perspective that brings THAT idea that kickstarts it all. That puts a boot to ass toward the real whys. Traveling will push you farther, faster than sitting in your office working through the same routine that keeps you stale.

You won’t find more magic inside yourself than you will when you are on an adventure that changes your life.

The Itinerary

We meet in Casablanca on October 14, 2017. From there we will be driven to a beautiful private guest house in Bhalil, our home for the four days ahead and then on to the blue city of Chefchaouen for the next three.  Each day I’ll challenge you to see through a different lens as we venture deep into the country on excursions to into olive oil farms, souks, mountain hikes, labrynth medinas and much more. You’ll examine and share your insights, breakthroughs and aha moments which will be come the basis for a transformation in both your business and your life.

Expand into the brightest horizons your business has yet to see.

Go ahead. Complete the form and let’s see if we’re a good fit to fly into new horizons together.

Disclaimer: This trip is meant to change your life. And it will. But only if your mind is open to things that will challenge you, shake you out of your routine, and cause you to look at the conveniences you take for granted and be thankful for small things like down mattresses and consistent modern plumbing. Seriously. You need this trip. But divas need not apply.

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