For The Expansion Experience Program

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here and that you’re interested in 2017’s Expansion Experience to Morocco, Oct 14-21.

Expansion Experiences are intimate adventures, with no more than 6 people on each journey.

We will be exploring ancient cities, traditional cultures & you will experience more clarity, connection and congruence with your authentic self than ever before as a result of our carefully curated experiences.

I take great care to pick a group of people that matches you perfectly on every level.

Please answer these simple questions below and I will be in touch to schedule a quick phone convo with you

Please do not apply for a conversation if you are not seriously considering coming. We have more people on the wait list than spots and I want to make sure we are able to give free chats to people who are actually interested.

I look forward to talking with you….

The Expansion Experience Application


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