You + Me = Wild, Unimaginable Success

I give business owners the rocket fuel to reach those crazy, can’t-even-bring-myself-to-think-them, never-gonna-happen goals. Then, we make those goals become the new normal, so you are off tackling your next impossible goals.

Are you ready to take off?

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Get ready for a quick infusion of action and results.

Galvanize is semi-private coaching program that creates transformational results over 4-months.

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Be in the driver's seat of your business.

Catapult is a two-day intensive program that culminates in a personalized vision, strategy and action plan for your business.

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Increase your bottom line so much even you're astounded.

Amplify is a 12-month coaching journey to personal and business transformation.

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Disrupt your operating system to experience exponential change and growth in your business (and your life).

The Expansion Experience is a mind-shifting, soul-deepening, profit-expanding event that takes you through the wonders of Morocco and back to who you are and the goals behind your business.

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When I started working with Dana I was literally at a breaking point. Working to please everyone while forgoing the relationships that mattered most…my clients, my husband, my children, and myself.

I now own a business that brings my clients the ability to stand in their own spotlight. It has given me the financial and time freedom to ensure that my priorities are in order—that I place the most important relationships first. Dana has given me clarity, confidence and connections that have forever changed my business and my life.