What REALLY Sets Big Successful People You Admire Apart From The Average Jane (And How You Can Become A Big Success Too)

Success isn’t hard, but it’s definitely not easy.

Let me explain:

To be successful at anything, you do not have to be the smartest, the fastest, the richest, the prettiest, the most creative, the hardest worker, or even the best…

You simply have to jump.

Head first, arms open, eyes wide into your business (or endeavor).

Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t always easy, but I can promise you when you jump things start to happen.

BIG things.

And faster than you expect, you become one of the Big Successful People you’ve been looking up to for years. Only now, you have people admiring you and wanting to achieve the big success you’ve achieved.

But, don’t take my word for it. Steve Harvey says it best in this 1 minute 55 second clip:


I strongly encourage you to watch it now.

Growing up as the youngest of five, on a coal minor’s salary, Steve harvey did not become the giant success he is today by “being lucky.” After dropping out of college, bouncing from dead end job to dead end job, and living homeless for 3 years, he has gone on to become a world renowned comedian, actor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and clothing designer worth millions of dollars each year.

I’d say…

He knows a thing two about how to become a success and he shares it in the short clip above.

For some, jumping looks like a big investment.

For others, it is taking action you’re uncomfortable with.

For me…

When I jumped I invested more money into my business than I was comfortable with, I said yes to opportunities before I thought I was “ready,” and made a commitment to me, my business, and all the women I knew I was destined to help.

For a lot of women who have worked with me personally or in one of my masterminds, the investment was their jump. It was the catalyst to their success. They’ve gone on to have 5-figure weeks and more, and it never would have happened (so they say) without making the jump to invest in their business.

Now it’s your turn. I’m curious…

Have you jumped? Or are you still standing on the cliff hoping not to fall?

Until then… stay passionate!

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